April already???

Oh my days!!!! So according to this I haven’t posted in 3 months….that is shocking!! I’m such a bad friend to you all but if you make yourself a cuppa and grab some biccys then we can sit by the newly mown grass and have a catch up 🙂 


Hello beautifuls, Hope your all okay on this gorgeous clear cold Dark Moon night? I’ve just settled myself down with some water and chocolate biccys and had a bit of a chat with Lady Luna about  what I’m going to get rid of this month and what I can bring into my life…..I don’t think my lottery win is going to be answered? 😉 So what have you all been doing since we last spoke? I have been very busy in a good way. I’ve done a lot of soul searching and looking at my path. I’ve been hard at work in my day to day job and I’ve been busy with coffee dates 😉 

My most bestest achievement so far is growing cherry tomato and pepper plants from scratch…..I think my plant killing days might be over. The plants came in one of those cheapy grow it yourself boxes that was over 4 years out of date…..the soil was like dust and the seeds looked slightly withered….after a week and a half of watering what I thought resembled brown sawdust I had my first shoots appear…..I’m not ashamed to say that I do stroke the leaves and whisper encouragement to it ( all living things need a positive voice every now and again) now the plants are slowly taking over and I need to start repotting…..I cannot wait to eat fresh home grown tomatoes in the summer!!!! 

I have also completed a 30 day Pilates challenge which was to move your body for 10 minutes a day and I have thoroughly enjoyed it…..it’s amazing how better you can feel doing some exercise and listening to your body. I didn’t realise just how much I didn’t really care for my body until I started paying it attention and giving it some love……it’s still getting wrinkly and greyer but I tend to slow down quicker now if I’m struggling as opposed to carrying on and hurting myself. I have also completed the 30 day challenge and I’m now on a 21 day challenge and a promise that I won’t drink alcohol for the whole of April. Before you’ll know it I’ll be bathing in goats milk and adorning myself in the best silk that money can buy…..TOtal Goddess here 😉

Pathwise I’ve had my eyes opened very wide and come to the conclusion that you don’t need all the latest trinkets in order to walk my path…..as long as I have a white candle and 10 minutes to call my own then I can do any magickal workings that I so feel the need to do……I’ve always known that you don’t need much but it’s really only sunk in for me in the past couple of months or so.

I spent a gorgeous couple of hours waking in the local woods the other week and felt a complete sense of peace and a absolute lack of wanting to do anything other than just sit and take in the peaceful air around. Those trees are fantastic at making you all chilled out and zonkyfied. I didn’t hug a tree though….I left that to my mom and our friend 😉 

I have a brand new set of tarot cards called the witches tarot by Eileen Dugan and they are very special to me……I have learnt however that if I’m doing a reading for myself I have to refer to the book as the book tells me what I won’t admit to myself whereas if I’m doing a reading for other people then I can go  by intuition and they are spookily spot on……they are also absolutely gorgeous in the style and design. The layout of the cards are wonderfully clear and the depth of the messages are astounding. Bit bumpy under my pillow I might add but as long as I can get my head in between the cards, my snowflake obsidian and my new jade pendulum ( a gift ) I can have a night full of weird and wacky dreams……and on that note I am going to sign off and get some sleepy bo boes as I’m shattered and no doubt the boy will be wide awake nice bright and early!!! 

I will be back very very soon as I have lots more to share and your my favourite audience as I can’t see the shaking heads and the pulled faces 😉 have a beautiful day and night my lovelies wherever you are and I’ll see you very very soon again xxxxx

Ps I’ll also put some pics up on here threat time that Im on…..which will NOT BE another 3 months!!! That’s way to long.




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A glimpse……

So you’d have thought that by now after all these months and blogs on here I’d be fantastic…….wrong!!! I still have no idea how to do the simplest of things on here, like look up people, find my actual page and change my theme! 

Id like to let you in on a little bit more about myself…..if i could work out how to do my site then you would see beautiful sparkling rainbows….. Vibrant and bright colour splashes……. Pictures of sun dappled woods with little imps and faeries peeping out from behind oak tree trunks…. I live in a world of magick and mystery…..I see faces in trees and acorn hats when I walk in nature. I see fire salamanders in a candle flame and air slyphs dance in front of me when I open my eyes. I sit on the floor and can feel the brownies churn the ground up and when I splash my face with water I feel undines flowing freely. 

I wish I could show you the mesmerising halo around the moon on a starry night when I stand in my back garden and feel the Goddess stand beside me as I give thanks for the air I breathe and the fact that my child and husband are healthy and happy. I am so very lucky that I have many friends and they accept me for who I am….crazy, eccentric, loving, dependable, strong, protective me. One who walks with one foot in the real world and one foot in the spiritual realm And as I sit here and type this with my child running around shouting witch and zombie ( a song and film he wants to watch would you believe it!!) I can feel the spiritual side pressing in close to me….wanting to see what I’m doing and if they approve or not….they do I believe as I’m still typing and not having to relog back in after being kicked out! Lol 

This is how I see the world and its one made richer by reading Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl when I was younger….it’s a childhood rich in simple magick and a knowledge that these are faeries and pixies at the bottom of the garden hiding amongst the flowers and bushes, that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but the leprechaun keeps it well hidden from prying eyes and that if I can find the right wardrobe, I will walk out into Narnia and meet Aslan…….but then again maybe it’s all of these things that are drawing near when I write this, peeping into our world as I peep into theirs! xxxxxx


Ps in case anyone noticed…..I have however managed to add pics onto these varied ramblings AND its daytime!! Hubbys not home so your still my secret  🙂 xxxxx



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Hello my lovelies,

I’m so sorry that I deserted you…my head went for a little wander ( and no I didn’t go slightly bonkers….although be hard to work out if I did!). I literally felt like Didn’t know what I was doing,if I was walking the right path….life doesn’t come with signposts, have you noticed that??!!

However I’m pleased to announce that I’m back!!! I have no idea what I’m doing as WordPress has changed itself in my absence…..rude!!!

i have being shown how to crochet and I have a feeling that it’s something I could do in my last life as I’ve taken to it like a duck to water….here’s my creation!


Pretty good huh!!, took me couple of months to complete it and then I gave it to my nan as a Christmas present…..belated Yule blessings too my darlings!!

I’ve had a kick up my arse from my Goddess Morrigan who gave me Yule off and is about to plunge me in the deep end of something.

I have said hello to new friendships and goodbye to ones that no longer work….my son has ended up in hospital with a split head (complete accident I might add……he tried to make friends with a wall……the wall didn’t want to be friends back!!) and I have laughed, cried, drank, ate, kissed, hugged and done yoga! 

Above all I have missed you, missed writing this blog although I have no idea if people like my ramblings, missed my secret late night typings….my husband still doesn’t know about you  😉 and I forgot my password to this too!!! I’ve wrote it down now though so that cannot be my excuse in future! 


Guess I’m trying to say…..that I’m ready to come and sparkle some glitter into your lives if you’ll have me back? I took the above photo when my camera in my phone worked…long story involving my boy and a toilet…I’m sure you can guess 😉 and it symbolised to me that no matter how crap and shite life gets….you’ll always be rewarded in the end and it doesn’t last forever. 

A bit like this post!! 

Night my lovelies, keep smiling and keep being that goddamn warrior riding dragons in your dreams at night 🙂 xxxxx


ps to all my new followers…… Hello!!!! Xxxx


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Life happens…..

Life happens and we can’t control it at times. It can be happy, it can be sad, it can be full of dizzying excitement that will lift you right up and make you dance among the stars and it can be a bit like Groundhog Day. Life always surprises me and I always look forward to what it brings next. 

I have spent time with lovely friends, danced outside in my back garden in the light of the gorgeous red moon, cried bucketloads at weepy programmes and laughed uproariously at video clips on you tube. I have kissed and cuddled my loved ones and told them I love them. I have sang my heart out like a diva should driving down the motorway, I also got told by a copper to watch my speed whilst on the motorway but that’s another story…… I have been mesmerised by the candlelight flickering on my living room walls at night time and I have stood outside in the rain and breathed in the sweet smell of fresh clean pure air. 

We forget at times that life is for living…we spend so long hurrying from one place to another that we forget to just stop, breathe and live. We live in a world where we have to continually strive to be the best and want the best and anything less is seen as a failure. We compare ourselves to others and aim for unattainable perfection, we forget that we are perfect just the way we are. 

For the past couple of weeks, I have slowed down in my life. This time of year is fantastic for letting go of things, situations, people etc that no longer serve our needs, we see the weather start to strip the trees bare, turning them into wondrous colourful creations before whipping their dresses up into the sky and scattering them to the four corners of the earth. I, too have been clearing out my life. Setting free  fears, my learned habits, situations that no longer benefit me. I have looked around and felt Mother Earth giving me the strength to believe that I deserve the best, I’m worth it. She has given me signs of feathers,  robins, cloud pictures and at One point her eye next to the super moon. All seeing, all knowing and all protective.

Life happens and we can’t control it at times. I like those times…… I feel free


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Not deserting you!!,

Hello my lovelies!, 

So I haven’t been around for a while simply because I’ve been back at school. Lol I have decided to get fit and am embarking on a healthy eating get straight back to basics plan. I know most of you are probably groaning and moaning about a new fad diet well I can assure you it’s not. It is food!!! And lots of it, no shakes, pills, juices, detoxes, rubbish lol. I will tell you though that my arms have broken at least twice with doing push-ups and my thighs are currently on strike! 😉

I have to admit I have been really boring and haven’t really done anything of interest, food shopping and lots of chatting…..well it’s what us women do well isn’t it??!!! 😉 On the plus side I have sorted out a place to restart up my development circle so come October….it’s back to the grind in respect of spirit work. I can’t wait 🙂 


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Wasp warrior!!

Im a scaredy cat….I’m scared of big spiders ( I swear they can jump 6 foot in the air), I’m scared of walking upstairs to my bedroom in the complete dark( I speak to dead people….I know there’s one that watches me from my boys room…..creepy!), I’m scared of  running out of wine, rum and vodka and the shop not been open but most of all I’m scared of wasps!! Now this is a phobia that started when I was a sweet young innocent girl of about 6/8 and I got stung on my leg and it turned septic. Since then the little buggers have followed me around pledging revenge on me for not keeling over there and then and continuing to live. (They are deadly assassins in my world). I’m not ashamed to say that I do the panic dance……you now the one. You hear the buzz and you start swatting at yourself, you than catch sight of the bugger  whilst spinning in a 360 circle and shouting all the curse names under the sun whilst running around like a loon whilst your friends and family say…’ Keep still, it’ll fly away in a minute, just don’t antagonise it’….. Have you not seen the 7foot stinger with my Intials on it you mad people, don’t just stand there, kill kill!!!. 

Well recently, I’ve been able to stand them a bit better, the reason being is that we seem to be plagued with them!!! My kitchen appears to be their Valhalla and they want to get there regardless of what’s In their way. I therefore have become a wasp warrior….I can now bravely hold onto my child’s book ( ‘oh no Dylan’ usually as its a good ole size) and try and usher them (bat them) outside again….I will admit I do this by shouting at them to leave me alone, go away and stop buzzing and die you fecker. I’m proud to say that I have now batted out about 6 in the past 2 days. 

Maybe……just maybe…..they’ve realised that they are picking with the wrong woman and I WILL hunt them down and exterminate them…..or maybe the wasp killer people will!!! Must add I love bees….bumble bees,, honeybees, little bees, big bees and rainbow bees…..bees are amazing!!

Now I’m going to buzz off myself to bed and go sleep. Sweet dreams lovelies xx

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full moon……more like snore moon!!

So the full moon was a super moon!! It was a beautiful moon…..well I imagined she was beautiful because the clouds decided to cover her up. I managed to get a glimpse of her curve….I reckon she was practising burlesque that night……anyways I had plans!! They were good plans and they started well. Hubby was staying up late so i made a cinnamon hot choc and said my good nights. Went up to bed after checking on my sleeping devil climber who had decided to practise starfish sleeping upside down in bed surrounded by all the teddies his shelves had to offer.  I had my pure magic book by judika iles ready for a quick read….so I put the phone on quiet, got comfy and started to breathe deeply ready to meditate and open up my chakras. Breathe In for 4 and out for 4 …in and out…..in and out….thud thud thud….creeeeak……bang bang…..you awake….you awake…… Oi missus, you ain’t drank  your drink!!! Yes my hubby had come to bed, he’d got bored downstairs by himself!! My plan then changed to…that’s okay I’ll wait till he’s asleep then go downstairs and I have all the living room plus all the garden…perfect!! 

I then drank my hot choc, led down and promptly woke up at 7 the following morning!!  Gutted was not the word….I did however have the best nights sleep and the strangest dream ever and this is saying something due to the fact that my dreams are so weird I have been known to ring the best friend before now and ask if things had actually happened or if I’d dreamt then! I cannot tell you what happened though as I can’t remember them….another hazard of mine!! 

On the plus side the hubby has put up a shelf in the Garden and I now have blue fairy lights draped up the corner. I’m planning on making my clay figures ( yes I haven’t forgotten my desire to be a crafty witch!) and I’m hunting for crystals to add on there. I’ve also tasked the hubby with hunting me down a Buddha for the ground underneath the shelf. Now some of you might be wondering why a Buddha when I’m a pagan witch however I’m very eclectic and I love the complete calmness, serenity and peacefulness that a Buddha figure brings. I love certain aspects of the Buddhist way of life including the reincarnation aspect and the fact that peace is the only thing that really matters. Once it’s all done I’ll take a picture 🙂

So that was my full moon experience……a snoringly great time!!! 

Cial for now my bellas xxx

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